Posted by: Discover Directory on 11/19/2018

8 Food Instagrams to Drool Over

8 Food Instagrams to Drool Over

If you’ve been looking to expand your Instagram feed to include more delicious-looking food, then you’ve found the right post for recommendations. We’ve compiled a list of 8 Instagram accounts that are going to make you drool every time you open the app.

1. Salty Seattle

If you’ve ever thought “pasta isn’t art,” then that’s because you’ve never seen Salty Seattle’s Instagram feed.

She makes her own homemade pasta but with an artful twist every time. She has it all from rainbow spaghetti to ravioli in unique shapes. If you want to be endless amazed that pasta can look like actual art, then give Salty Seattle a follow.

2. The Love of Sushi

Sushi lovers unite! Take a look at the Instagram feed that is making sushi look even more appetizing. 

From boats of rolls to close-up shots of gorgeous, intricate sushi, The Love of Sushi will make you drool all over your phone.

3. Buzzfeed Tasty

Not only does Buzzfeed Tasty offer images of gorgeous food, you also get to see how it gets made. It can be incredibly relaxing to watch someone cooking food or baking up something delicious. 

You can get recipe inspiration and gain some cooking techniques from Buzzfeed Tasty, as well as enjoy some food-related memes.

4. Dancakes

There were was any doubt that food can be an art form, Dancakes proves that it can literally be a masterpiece. For most people, pancakes are brown discs to be smothered in butter and syrup.

For Dancakes, a griddle is his canvas and pancake batter is his paint. Dancakes’ Instagram feed is filled with an impressive array of comic book characters and portraits of other people in the form of a pancake.

5. Lokokitchen

For the common person, pie means something simple. Maybe you put some fancy crimping on the edges or you use a cookie cutter to put fun shapes on top.

For Lauren Ko, pie is so much more than that. Her pies are literally works of art. From creative weaves of the pie crusts to rainbow ingredients, no pie is the same as the one before, but every single one is beautiful.

6. RecipeLion

If you want to know what to make for dinner tonight, follow RecipeLion. Their test kitchen chef creates beautiful desserts and savory dishes, and they offer cookbooks that have a picture of the dish next to every recipe. 

The RecipeLion Instagram feed is full of gorgeous photos of delicious food, but it’s food that anyone could make. It isn’t a restaurant Instagram feed - it’s inspiration for the home chef.

7. GirlEatWorld

Want food and travel inspiration? Follow along with Mel at GirlEatWorld and see what she eats around the world.

The feed is full of food held up in front of a scenic view, and it’s instant travel lust fuel. Most of the photos are taken on an iPhone, and they still look professional. See what the locals eat in a variety of places, from Paris to Taiwan to New York. Scroll through the feed and add everything to your bucket list.

8. Tortikannuchka

There are a lot of Instagram feeds on this list that are full of artful foods, but Tortik Annushka’s Instagram are basically cake sculptures. If there was anything too beautiful to eat, it would be the cakes on this Instagram.

This isn’t your typical wedding cake Instagram, because every single cake belongs in a museum. It’s where food and art meet in the middle and endlessly amaze.