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Winter Is Coming — Is Your Workout Routine Prepared?

Winter Is Coming — Is Your Workout Routine Prepared?

It’s almost time for winter, and while you may be pumped for curling up next to the fireplace and eating delicious food, your workout routine isn’t. Why? Because the swap from warmer weather to a cold season means your body is getting ready to store more fat.  And on top of that, you might start craving more carbs due to the shorter days.

So how do you keep your workout going in the winter? Here are four tactics you should consider to keep your body moving even when you’d rather lay on the couch:

  • Find Your Tribe. 

    It’s especially tricky to stay in shape when you don’t have a community to back you up. Work out with friends, find a group of like-minded people, or join an organization made for your specific workout woes. For example, if you’re a mom and it’s been tough for you to get into shape, try an organization like Moms Into Fitness to help you find some routine in the chaos.

  • Swap Drinking for Fitness. 

    Love a good drinking game, and not super interested in leaving the television to work out? That’s okay! Thanks to the genius of the internet, you can combine the two. This handy list from Get Healthy U has a great mix of TV shows to get you started.

  • Cozy Up to the Cold.

    It sounds counterintuitive, but get outside! Running in snow will give you a great workout because it’s intense and can wear you down quickly. It will also help you stay warm in the freezing weather. Just make sure you have the right gear and are doing some warm-ups before the weather cools you down.

  • Stay Warm at the Gym. 

    Okay, running in the snow sounds great and fun and all, but we all know that sometimes, it’s just not possible. For those days where you just can’t face the elements, join a gym local to your area. Some, like Missouri’s and Illinois’s Club Fitness, offer free passes to give you an idea of what it would be like before you make a purchase.

You spent all summer swimming, running, hiking, and genuinely enjoying the outdoors. Now that it’s winter, it’s difficult to do the same workout routine that you’ve always done. Use these four tactics to give your body a chance to change, and flip the script on your winter workout routines.

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